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      Name: Ángel Arias

      Age: 20

      DOB: August 31st 

      Hometown: Coronado, Costa Rica.

      Stance: 6'2

      Size board: 8.25

      Favorite Music: Hip hop, Rap, R&B (old school)

      Favorite Ride: Mercedes Benz AMG C63s

      Favorite Food: Pizza, Pasta, "Gallo Pinto" (Traditional from Costa Rica) and salads for sure.

      Favorite skateboarder(s): Stevie Williams, Josh Kalis, Boo Jhonson, Tyshawn Jones, Sammy Montano.

      Favorite places to skate: Cherry park, any street spot!

      Favorite skate companies other than InsideTheDrop: Supreme, Dgk, DC shoes.

      Sponsors: InsideTheDrop.

      Words Of Wisdom: Skateboarding is a very mental thing, it really helps me a lot with my mental health and it takes me out of reality ... with a lot of crazy shit out there, I just try to keep a positive mind and attitude with everything and I always try to show people that positive mind to motivate everyone around me and let them know that whatever happens at some point, everything will be fine if you want to be fine! Always being humble because I came from a place where we don't really have much support and opportunities to grow in a sport like this.